Welcome to our recording studio. name is Gary Mula.

The Bani-Love is a production and recording studio built into the Columbia City Theater.  We produce records for artist as well as record live performances for release or simply to document the show.  It is truly a dreamy place!  The sound of our theater is comlpex, rich, and very versatile.  Since our first day in August of 2010 we’ve completed 13 records and recorded somewhere in the range of 120 artist’s live shows.

If you have an upcoming show here and are interested in having it recorded please take a look at The Bani-Love Live Recording Pricing

Our basic recording rates are $60 per hour and $500 daily block (10 hour day)

For examples of the recordings we’ve done go here:

For booking contact me at 206-343-9001   / email: garymula

3-16/2011 Wednesday

Last year just a few days before I heard about the theater being available I met a few people to discuss my doing the location and post production sound for a feature film called The Curse of Duncan Carbunkle.  We decided to go ahead with it.  I had grand visions of what I would do in the realm of location sound.  We did something like 35 days of shooting.  It was a large crew made up of very talented and wonderful people.  By the time we got to the last 10 days or so the Columbia City Theater business was in full remodeling mode and I was barely able to complete the on set filming.  Thank goodness I had a few dependable audio techs assisting me.  Here it is now over a year later and I’m fighting to get the post production audio finished up for the first screening this weekend.   Of course I’m using the word “finished” loosely here!  So today and tomorrow I’ll spend maybe 14 more hours on it and send the finished bounce up to Seth in Vancouver via Dropbox.  Stay tuned for a public release soon!

On set at the Wall of Death


3-2/2011 Wednesday


– This Saturday night the 5th of March, The Columbia City Theater will welcome Youth Rescue Mission to the stage for their debut cd release show.   They recorded the record with me here at the Bani-Love starting last August and completed the mixing right about the first week of January.  I cannot express how important this record is to me and how much I love it simply for the experience of the songs.    Check it out now at  ..but also please come to the show.  They will be joined by the ever awesome Grand Hallway and Heatwarmer.. 8pm!!

Last night Esmerelda Strange finished up her basic tracking.  As we bounced the tracks down I started to get that wonderful sense of a record emerging.. though we are really just at the beginning.


3-1/2011  Tuesday

Morning..  today we finish Esmerelda Strange’s basic tracks.   She is recording a full length theme record all based on mechanical principals relating to the Lifesized Mousetrap.   It’s one of those things made for children yet perfect for growinups!    She is super awesome.. plays drums and percussion while playing accordion and singing.  Actually in the studio the singing is done separate but she does it all when travelling with the Lifesized Mousetrap.


-gary mula

Jason Kilgore's Drums... Hounds of The Wild Hunt -feb 17/2011

When I heard loud thunder as a child, I imagined a giant alien machine that drifted high above in the clouds…

Drums are cool!

Um… want to hear some tunes?

8 records.. singers, drummers, clappers, stompers, pino players, trumpet and saxyphone, strings of love and words of blood.

Esmerelda Strange’s 1st day was yesterday.. -feb 27/11  let the carnaval begin.