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Tuesday Trivia Night: Star Wars Edition

12 Apr

In a short time from now in a neighborhood not too far away…

Tuesday Night Trivia: Star Wars Edition is coming to the Bourbon! Tony Solo and and his right-hand wookie, ChewBobca, will take you on a journey through the galaxy to test your strength in the Force with questions about the universe of starfighters, droids, jawas and bounty hunters.

For one night only, the Bourbon Bar will become a wretched hive of scum and villainy. More fun than picking up power converters at Tosche Station!!!

8pm // FREE // PRIZES

Tuesday Trivia Night: Movies! Part 2: The Sequel

5 Apr

Tony’s well of movie questions runneth over so we are back with another three rounds of flick factoids with Tuesday Trivia Night at the Bourbon Bar. Tony and mixmaster Bob will challenge your knowledge of the cinema and reward the best and brightest with prizes!

So grab some friends, head down to the Bourbon and order some of our heaping nachos and a pitcher of beer while Tony and Bob entertain as the enlighten.

Tuesdays are all day Happy Hour!


Tuesday Trivia Night: Movies!

29 Mar

Our intrepid quizmaster returns to his area of expertise as Tony covers the big screen at Tuesday Trivia Night this week. Any genre is fair game tonight so be prepared for anything from horror films to musicals. As always, Tony will be joined by Bob to provide witty banter and background music.

Tuesdays are all day happy hour and we’ve got a killer food menu. The fun starts at 8pm and the winning team wins tickets to a Columbia City Theater show of their choice!

Tuesday Trivia Night: Deleted Scenes 2

22 Mar

It’s time again for Tony to clean out his vault of unused questions that have been gathering dust the past few months. This week, Tuesday Trivia Night will be a miscellaneous grab bag of questions so you never know what you’re going to get. Joined by his faithful sidekick Bob, Tony might ask questions about booze, movies, scandals, sci fi and much more. So grab your most well-rounded pals and head down to The Bourbon.

All day happy hour and exciting prizes! It starts at 8pm.

Tuesday Trivia Night: Alcohol Edition

8 Mar

Well it’s Fat Tuesday and you might think tonight’s theme for Tuesday Trivia Night would focus on the history of Mardi Gras and it’s religious roots as a celebration prior to entering the fasting season of Lent. Well that would be nice, but hosts Tony and Bob have decided to ask questions about what Fat Tuesday really is all about: Drinking!

As many of our holidays have become (especially the ones imported from other countries) Mardi Gras has become a day to let loose and let the booze flow. Well we have plenty of booze at the Bourbon so enjoy our all-day happy hour prices while Tony tests your knowledge of intoxicating concoctions. If your senses remain intact throughout all three rounds of trivia you could find yourself the recipient of fantastic prizes.

Trivia starts at 8pm and as always is free to play. See you there!

Tuesday Trivia Night: Scandals, Gossip and Murder!

1 Mar

This one is for all you checkout line tabloid readers out there. Our humble quizmaster Tony Kay (who I’m sure has never once found himself embroiled in scandal) has prepared three rounds of questions delving into the seedy underworld of popular culture. Joined by his right hand man Bob Suh (who I swear I recently saw on the cover of Star Magazine drunkenly entering a limo occupied by a Kardashian), Tony will test your knowledge of the dark side of fame. From Fatty Arbuckle to Charlie Sheen, you can expect tantalizing trivia spanning all the way from the golden age of cinema to Lindsay’s latest rehab stint. All those hours pouring over TMZ posts will finally pay off as we have fabulous prizes for the winning team.

The fun starts at 8pm in the Bourbon. All day Happy Hour!

Tuesday Trivia Night: Oscar Edition!

22 Feb

No, tonight’s questions will not be focused on a green monster living in a garbage receptacle (that one’s coming later this spring). In fact, Quizmaster Tony Kay and trusty sidekick Bob Suh will dispensing factoids all relating to the Academy Awards in honor of next Sunday’s big golden statue giveaway. This category is right up Tony’s alley as the font of knowledge that is his brain ever overflows with movie lore both common and obscure.

We’ve got great food and happy hour prices all day long and fantastic prizes for the winners. Plus it’s free to play! The fun kicks off at 8pm.