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This Weekend: Benefit for Mark Giese featuring Grand Hallway and The Maldives, The Warehouse Presents: Elk & Boar, I Low

23 Sep

Saturday: A Benefit for Mark Giese featuring Grand Hallway, The Maldives, Outside Alcatraz, Soft Starts

All proceeds will go to our friend Mark Giese, who suffered a stroke last week at the age of 33. He’s currently in the hospital and faces months of rehabilitation with no health insurance.

In addition to music by Grand Hallway, The Maldives, Outside Alcatraz, and Soft Starts, there will be a silent auction featuring artwork from Frida Clements, Andrio Abero (33rpm), Heisuke Kitazawa (PCP), Odessa Chen, Tina McKim, Jeanette Bath, Jen Yule, and also a day of recording at Studio Litho with producer Shawn Simmons (Grand Hallway, The Maldives, Head and the Heart, Lemolo.)

9pm // $10 // Tickets

Sunday: The Warehouse Presents: Elk & Boar, I Low, Matt Coughlin with Phil O’Sullivan

The Warehouse is once again presenting a fabulous show at the Theater this Sunday. Elk & Boar, I Low and Matt Coughlin with Phil O’Sullivan are all gracing our stage. The Bourbon is also featuring $5 Warehouse Whiskeys all night. Be there.

8pm // $5 // Tickets Available at the Door

This Weekend: Sunday Evening Whiskey Club, Columbia City Round with Drew Grow, Matt and Mike Gervais, and Shenandoah Davis

18 Mar

Friday: Sunday Evening Whiskey Club, Pufferfish, Ryan Purcell and the Last Round

Sunday Evening Whiskey Club

Friday will be a night of roots and rock as the talented Sunday Evening Whiskey Club take the stage playing country and bluegrass. Also on the bill is Pufferfish and opening up the night will be Ryan Purcell and the Last Round.

9pm // $10 // Tickets

Saturday: The Columbia City Round with Drew Grow, Matt and Mike Gervais (Curtains For You), Shenandoah Davis, art by Fritha Strand

We are extremely proud to be home to the first Columbia City Round this Saturday! The Round is a unique format that encourages artistic collaboration across mediums as musicians take the stage alongside visual artists and poets. The performance consists of a series of rounds where each musician takes a turns playing songs followed by a poem. Throughout the entire performance visual artists start and complete a unique piece of art inspired by the music and poetry.

This week we’re happy to have several friends of the theater participate in our first round. the musicians will be Drew Grow (Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives) Matt and Mike Gervais (Curtains For You) and Shenandoah Davis who has played a the theater solo and with her band Grand Hallway.

The artist will be Fritha Strand whose work was showcased in The Bourbon recently.

9pm // $8 advance – $10 day of show // Tickets

This Weekend: Cahalen Morrison and Eli West, Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives, Youth Rescue Mission (record release)

2 Mar

Thursday: Cahalen Morrison and Eli West, Squirrel Butter, Ben Gilmer

We are happy to announce we are now having shows on Thursdays!  And our first Thursday show will be some old-timey Americana as Cahalen Morrison & Eli West wow you with some amazing picking and back woods harmonies. Here’s a video from when they performed on our stage for the Harry Smith Tribute back in November:

Also playing that night will be Squirrel Butter and Ben Gilmer.

9pm // $6 // Tickets

Friday: Sound on the Sound Presents: Drew Grow & The Pastors’ Wives, AgesandAges, Baltic Cousins, Battle School (free in the Bourbon!)

Friday will be a very special night at the theater as Drew Grow & The Pastors’ Wives makes their return performance after Drew was injured in a severe car accident last January. Two weeks ago, the Seattle music community came out in full force (for this Portland artist) and raised some much need funds at Drew’s benefit show. Now’s your chance to see this incredible performer back on stage where he belongs.

Opening up the night for this Sound on the Sound Presents show will be Baltic Cousins followed by another great Portland band, AgesandAges. Check out their new video:

Battle School will kick things off with a free show in the Bourbon starting at 8pm!

9pm // $10 advance – $12 day of show // Tickets

Saturday: Grand Hallway, Youth Rescue Mission (record release), Heatwarmer, Sean Neil & Stella Maxwell (free in the Bourbon!)

Youth Rescue Mission

Wow, what a weekend! We are so excited to host the release to Youth Rescue Mission‘s debut record which was recorded by our very own Gary Mula at The Bani-Love, the recording studio located at Columbia City Theater. Headlining the night will be another band dear to us, Grand Hallway, who played one of our grand opening shows last June.

Heatwarmer opens up the evening in the theater and Sean Neil (Dynamite Boy) and Stella Maxwell (Cruiserweight) play a free show in the Bourbon at 8pm.

9pm // $10 advance – $12 day of show // Tickets

Six Bands, Six New Albums: Columbia City Theater is the place for record release shows

2 Feb

This weekend will be the first of six record release shows in as many weeks happening at the Columbia City Theater. We are honored to be the venue of choice by such exceptional talent for their special nights. Here’s a rundown of record release shows that we’re so very excited about over the next couple months. I’m sure there will be a lot of people wondering, as KEXP asked recently, “Is there any way to buy a season-pass to the Columbia City Theater?”

Friday, 2.4: Ivan and AlyoshaFathers Be Kind EP

Sound on the Sound Presents
w/ Curtains For You, If Bears Were Bees
9pm // $8 // Tickets

Saturday, 2.5: Campfire OKStrange Like We Are

Campfire Ok at Oddfellows from Christian Sorensen Hansen on Vimeo.

w/ Koko & The Sweetmeats, Bryan John Appleby
9pm // $10 // Tickets

Friday, 2.18: Yuni in TaxcoSanpaku

w/ Feral Children, Ocean Age
9pm // $10 adv – $12 day of show // Tickets

Friday, 2.25: Kelli SchaeferGhost of the Beast

w/ Joseph Giant, Ships
9pm // $8 //  Tickets

Saturday, 2.26: HotelsOn the Casino Floor

w/ The Royal Bear, The Devil Whale, DJ Marco Collins
8:30pm // $10 adv – $12 day of show // Tickets

Saturday, 3.5: Youth Rescue MissionYouth Rescue Mission

Youth Rescue Mission’s debut album was recorded at The Bani-Love, the recording studio at Columbia City Theater!!!

w/ Grand Hallway, Heatwarmer
9pm // $10 // Tickets

This Weekend: The Ironclads, Shenandoah Davis, The River Rust

2 Dec

Friday: Sound on the Sound Presents: The Ironclads, M. Bison, Joseph Giant

The Ironclads

Our dear friends at Sound on the Sound have put together another stellar lineup for us this Friday. The Columbia City Theater is honored to host The Ironclads, a band you don’t get many opportunities to see these days as it’s members currently live in different states. We highly recommend you take advantage of this rare chance because The Ironclads give it their all on stage. Also playing will be the complex yet catchy M. Bison and Joseph Giant – whose infectious pop songs have been playing on repeat on my computer all morning. You’re going to have some songs stuck in your head after this show.


Saturday: Shenandoah Davis (Release Party), Cataldo, Ivan & Alyosha, Thousands

The talented Shenandoah Davis will grace our stage on Saturday night and will be backed up by the Passenger String Quartet. Shenandoah has performed at the Theater a few times already with her band Grand Hallway and was also part of last weekend’s Tribute to Harry Smith, but we are excited to have her play songs from her solo project. Here is a little something we put together in honor of this show.

The man behind Cataldo is Eric Anderson and his band is made up of a rotating cast of musicians. His indie folk rock consists of catchy melodies and clever lyrics. Complimenting that sound perfectly will be Ivan & Alyosha. Lead singer Tim Wilson’s soaring vocals float over traditional pop progressions to make for a sweetly satisfying experience. Opening up the night will be Thousands, an acoustic duo from Seattle.


Sunday: The River Rust

Our free Sunday show in the Bourbon Bar will be The River Rust. This one man band makes use of  guitar, percussion and looping techniques to create a rich texture of sound.



25 Jun

It’s hard to express the insane excitement that goes behind a grand reopening. We’ve evolved, coped, adapted, renovated, upgraded, stressed, rejoiced and tonight is the night that we throw the doors open and allow everyone to take a gander at what we’ve been working on for the last few months.

In case you haven’t heard, our own Larry Mizell, Jr. - whose hip-hop act Mash Hall is gracing the stage for one of our FOUR FREE GRAND OPENING EVENTS – was recently hand-selected by Mayor McGinn to serve on the newly minted Seattle Music Council.

Larry grew up in the Rainier Valley and might be Seattle’s foremost hip-hop expert (he writes the hip-hop column for the Stranger and hosts KEXP’s “Street Sound” program.) We are beyond stoked to have him as a part of our team, and it makes so much sense (and, we hope, bodes so well for the future) that he’s one of the first acts to grace our newly cleaned stage.

Come down and see us tonight. Or tomorrow. Or anytime. We are – as of 4 pm – open for business!

Drew Grow and The Pastors’ Wives Play this Saturday!

22 Jun

If you’re having trouble deciding which FREE Grand Opening show to see these next two weekends (you really should just go to all four), here’s another video featuring one of the amazing acts that will grace our stage. Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives will be playing this Saturday, June 26, along with fellow Portlander Kelli Schaefer and Seattle’s own Grand Hallway. This is guaranteed to be a riveting and powerful evening of music so don’t be surprised if you witness a few tears shed. I’ve seen it happen myself on more than one occasion with these guys.

Enjoy and see you this weekend!

Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives Promo from Columbia City Theater on Vimeo.

Grand Opening Posters!

14 Jun

Here are the show posters for our four FREE Grand Opening nights!

designed by Tay Sean

designed by Kevin Sur

designed by Bradley James Lockhart

designed by Tyler Kalberg

Thanks to Tay, Kevin, Bradley and Tyler for their beautiful work!

Tomo From Grand Hallway Visits the Columbia City Theater

4 Jun

A couple months ago the fine folks at Publicola came by to film Tomo Nakayama of Grand Hallway performing a few tunes at the theater. Grand Hallway is known for their huge orchestral pop sound, so it’s a welcome treat to hear Tomo’s gentle and spine tingling solo performance. Grand Hallway will be playing one of our four free Grand Opening shows on June 26.  Did I mention they are FREE? Enjoy!