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2 Dec

The Local StrangersShenandoah DavisBig Sur, and Hannalee

9pm // $10 // Tickets

This Weekend: Sunday Evening Whiskey Club, Columbia City Round with Drew Grow, Matt and Mike Gervais, and Shenandoah Davis

18 Mar

Friday: Sunday Evening Whiskey Club, Pufferfish, Ryan Purcell and the Last Round

Sunday Evening Whiskey Club

Friday will be a night of roots and rock as the talented Sunday Evening Whiskey Club take the stage playing country and bluegrass. Also on the bill is Pufferfish and opening up the night will be Ryan Purcell and the Last Round.

9pm // $10 // Tickets

Saturday: The Columbia City Round with Drew Grow, Matt and Mike Gervais (Curtains For You), Shenandoah Davis, art by Fritha Strand

We are extremely proud to be home to the first Columbia City Round this Saturday! The Round is a unique format that encourages artistic collaboration across mediums as musicians take the stage alongside visual artists and poets. The performance consists of a series of rounds where each musician takes a turns playing songs followed by a poem. Throughout the entire performance visual artists start and complete a unique piece of art inspired by the music and poetry.

This week we’re happy to have several friends of the theater participate in our first round. the musicians will be Drew Grow (Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives) Matt and Mike Gervais (Curtains For You) and Shenandoah Davis who has played a the theater solo and with her band Grand Hallway.

The artist will be Fritha Strand whose work was showcased in The Bourbon recently.

9pm // $8 advance – $10 day of show // Tickets

This Weekend: The Ironclads, Shenandoah Davis, The River Rust

2 Dec

Friday: Sound on the Sound Presents: The Ironclads, M. Bison, Joseph Giant

The Ironclads

Our dear friends at Sound on the Sound have put together another stellar lineup for us this Friday. The Columbia City Theater is honored to host The Ironclads, a band you don’t get many opportunities to see these days as it’s members currently live in different states. We highly recommend you take advantage of this rare chance because The Ironclads give it their all on stage. Also playing will be the complex yet catchy M. Bison and Joseph Giant – whose infectious pop songs have been playing on repeat on my computer all morning. You’re going to have some songs stuck in your head after this show.


Saturday: Shenandoah Davis (Release Party), Cataldo, Ivan & Alyosha, Thousands

The talented Shenandoah Davis will grace our stage on Saturday night and will be backed up by the Passenger String Quartet. Shenandoah has performed at the Theater a few times already with her band Grand Hallway and was also part of last weekend’s Tribute to Harry Smith, but we are excited to have her play songs from her solo project. Here is a little something we put together in honor of this show.

The man behind Cataldo is Eric Anderson and his band is made up of a rotating cast of musicians. His indie folk rock consists of catchy melodies and clever lyrics. Complimenting that sound perfectly will be Ivan & Alyosha. Lead singer Tim Wilson’s soaring vocals float over traditional pop progressions to make for a sweetly satisfying experience. Opening up the night will be Thousands, an acoustic duo from Seattle.


Sunday: The River Rust

Our free Sunday show in the Bourbon Bar will be The River Rust. This one man band makes use of  guitar, percussion and looping techniques to create a rich texture of sound.