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This Thursday: Simon and Ben in The Bourbon

9 Feb

Starting tomorrow, we will be bringing some new entertainment to Thursday nights in the Bourbon. Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, Simon Kornelis and Ben Hunter will be performing in the Bourbon Bar starting at 7pm. These free shows will highlight Simon and Ben’s diverse musical stylings and as the weeks go on, expect a rotating cast of their equally talented musician friends to join them on their sets.

Some of these Thursdays will be Brewer’s Night in the Bourbon where we feature beers from local breweries while entertained by Simon and Ben’s music. You can expect to hear more about Brewer’s Night very soon.

Here’s a little taste of what these guys can do:

Watch the Super Commercials in the Bourbon! (oh, and I think some sort of game will be played during the breaks too)

4 Feb

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here this Sunday. The best of the best will be pitted against each other over the course of four hours striving to come out on top. It’s anyone’s game and we’ll be glued to our two big screens to see who will be the victor. The competition will be fierce with so many contenders in the mix. ¬†Will it be Pepsi? Dorito’s? Or will the controversial GoDaddy.com rear it’s racy head again? But in the end, there can be only one champion in this year’s quest for Super Commercial of the year. I just hope it’s not those annoying E-Trade babies.

Apparently, a bunch of men known as “athletes” will be also playing some sort of “sport” involving “feet” and a “ball.” Man, that’s sure one funny looking ball they’re kicking around.

Come on into the Bourbon for and enjoy this worldwide television spectacular with a $5 pitchers of beer and $5 nachos. Maybe even a Super big Bowl of chicken wings!

Kickoff is at 3:30pm on Sunday. The Bourbon will be open at 2pm.

New Art Installation in The Bourbon: Fritha Strand

11 Jan

Last week we visited Seattle artist Fritha Strand at the sodo warehouse where she works. We made our way through corridors of cardboard and concrete stairwells to the roof of the building where Fritha takes breaks to sketch and paint. The overcast skyline and strong wind threatening to blow her sketchbook into the sound may not have been the ideal conditions for capturing our fair city, but Fritha’s exuberance was undeterred as she repeatedly saw beauty all around her and put down images of vivid color long after our cameras stopped rolling.

If there’s one thing that struck me about Fritha’s work it is her use of color. She saw color in the drab, gray surroundings where I saw none, but it was there all along just waiting to be illuminated by a streak of sunlight. See her in action below:

Fritha’s work will be on display in the Bourbon Bar this month starting with an artist reception on January 13 from 8pm – 10pm. Her friend and sometimes live painting collaborator Simon Kornelis will be performing his music in the bar as well. Please join us this Thursday and celebrate this talented local artist.

Fritha Strand: New Paintings
Artist Reception: Thursday, January 13
8pm – 10pm
In the Bourbon Bar