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Tuesday Trivia Night: Around the World in Three Rounds

30 Aug

Quizmaster Tony, and International Man of Mystery, has picked up a thing or two on his globetrotting adventures. Tonight he enthusiastically challenges your knowledge of this little blue orb we call Earth with three rounds of international trivia. Did you know there once¬†were two Germany’s? That the capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka? That summers are cold and winters are hot in the southern hemisphere? The world is a fascinating place and Tony is just the man to drop some planetary knowledge on us. See you tonight!

8pm // Winners receive tickets to a Columbia City Theater show of their choice

Tuesday Trivia Night: Star Wars Edition

23 Aug

The Force is strong with Quizmaster Tony tonight as we return to a galaxy far far away for another installment of Star Wars Trivia in the Bourbon. From the sand-swept dunes of Tatooine to the icy plains of Hoth, Tony will take us on a lightspeed journey through the Star Wars universe.

8pm // Winners receive tickets to a Columbia City Theater show of their choice

Tuesday Trivia Night: Rock n Roll Edition

2 Aug

Hello Trivia lovers! Tonight edition of Tuesday Trivia Night will focus on good ol’ Rock n’ Roll. Quizmaster Tony has three rounds of fist-pumping, head-banging trivia goodness in store for you. True rock n’ roll fans will be rewarded with tickets to a rock show if they manage to come out on top.

8pm // Winners receive tickets to a Columbia City Theater show of their choice

Tuesday Trivia Night: TV Edition

19 Jul

Another Tuesday another trivia night and this time around we return to that glowing box radiating pop culture goodness… the Television!!!

TV is Tony’s forte and he’s prepared three challenging rounds of tantalizing trivia for you. Don’t miss it!

8pm // Winners get ticket to a Columbia City Theater show

Tuesday Trivia Night: Superhero Edition

14 Jun

After a two week absence that felt like an eternity, our very own trivia hero Tony returns with questions all about Superheroes! He’ll be pulling from movies, TV and of course, comic books to tantalize and tease your mind. If we’re lucky he may even wear tights and a cape!

The night of Supertrivia starts at 8pm. Come early and stay late for our two daily happy hours (4pm-7pm, 10pm-12am).

Tuesday Trivia Night: Things Planned on Short Notice Edition

7 Jun

We were recently informed that Quizmaster Tony has a conflicting engagement (recovering an artifact of ancient and terrible power from a lost temple sunken below the vast depths of the sea) and will not be able to host this week.

But fear not! We have secured a substitute apt and able to fill in while Tony is away. No, it’s not those amateurs Jake and Mark whose previous feeble attempts at dispensing trivia were only entertaining in unintended ways. No, this time we have the cunning and clever Flash Haze, a man whose brilliance is only matched by the nobility of his character and the quality of his heart.

In a theme fitting of this week’s trivia host switcheroo, questions tonight will be in the category of “Things Planned on Short Notice.” Tony has vowed to return to his post next week providing he escapes the clutches of the giant squid that guards the aforementioned temple.

8pm // FREE // Winners get free tickets to a Columbia City Theater show of their choice!

Tuesday Trivia Night: TV Edition

24 May

The Bourbon Bar was closed for renovation last week so, alas, we had no Tuesday Trivia Night. But we’re open now with a great new look and more space for those wanting to be a part of the trivia fun. Tonight, Quizmaster Tony will be asking questions all about TV.

The fun starts at 8pm but come early and stay late for our two happy hour times: 4pm-7pm and 10pm-12pm. We’ve some great new stuff on the menu!

Tuesday Trivia Night: Grab Bag Edition

10 May

Tonight’s Tuesday Trivia Night will be another grab bag edition, featuring miscellaneous questions accumulated from unused rounds over the last few months.

The fun starts at 8pm! Winners get tickets to a Columbia City Theater show of their choice.

Tuesday Trivia Night: The People’s Choice

19 Apr

Quizmaster Tony is many things Рhistorian of film, music and pop culture, IFC Film Fanatic champion, debonair covert agent of a secret international spy organization Рbut cruel and heartless dictator he is not.

The mob has spoken and Tony has listened. Tonight’s trivia theme is The People’s Choice and will consist of categories suggested by you, the lovely and loyal contestants that gather in the Bourbon every Tuesday. These suggestions have been submitted in person and also on our dedicated Tony Kay Trivia Night Facebook page. If you don’t already, make sure to “like” that page to receive updates and offer your suggestions for trivia topics.

Another night of all day Happy Hour and trivia fun begins at 8pm. See you there!

Tuesday Trivia Night: Star Wars Edition

12 Apr

In a short time from now in a neighborhood not too far away…

Tuesday Night Trivia: Star Wars Edition is coming to the Bourbon! Tony Solo and and his right-hand wookie, ChewBobca, will take you on a journey through the galaxy to test your strength in the Force with questions about the universe of starfighters, droids, jawas and bounty hunters.

For one night only, the Bourbon Bar will become a wretched hive of scum and villainy. More fun than picking up power converters at Tosche Station!!!

8pm // FREE // PRIZES