Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 7pm

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The Karaoke World Championship USA 2017 presents

Every Thursday 
April 20 - June 8

Welcome to the Karaoke World Championship USA 2017 Keep on Singing! competition.  With the focus this year being on building the KWCUSA to being bigger and better experience than before, we are pairing our launch of our qualifying rounds to coincide with our exciting eight-week event called Keep on Singing!  

It starts off the same way any KWCUSA qualifier begins, with contestants trying out in their participating local karaoke venue.  Each contestant will be reviewed by a select panel of authorized judges based the international judging criteria.  In order to move on, 
contestants need only gain a yes from two out of four preliminary judges to be invited on to audition for team pick week.  On April 20th 2017, at the Columbia City Theater, all the contestants that have been invited to move on will have a chance to perform in front of the vocal coaches to try and win a spot on one of their teams.  Teams will be limited to between 5-6 contestants, so unfortunately not everyone who is invited to audition for team pick night will make it on to the next phase of the competition.  There are a variety of things that make this contest unique, but one very big one is that the contestants who are chosen by a coach receive free vocal lessons from their team coach for the duration they remain in the show.  Once chosen by a coach, contestants will have one week to learn a new song from a variety of randomly selected genres.  Songs must be learned by memory as no lyrics screen will be provided for the duration of the show.  

For the first week the song selection will be by contestant choice.  For weeks two and three, the genres will be chosen at random for each individual team.  These genres will be chosen from a special deck of Keep on Singing! Coach’s cards picked by each contestant as they perform, (specific to each coach), and then placed face down at the bottom of a giant Plinko style board for each team.  Our host will then drop a chip, and wherever it lands will be the genre for that team for the week.  On the fourth week, we have our first cut round, where the contestants with the lowest scores will be eliminated.  At the same time, a one-time coach’s steal option comes into play, where a coach can bring back and pick up one person who has been eliminated that week to add them to their team if they so choose.  Week five and six are card rounds again. On week seven contestants will redo the song that started their journey with the original song they sang on team pick night week one. There will be another round of eliminations on this week heading into the final week.   As we get to the end with week eight, the remaining contestants will perform two songs, one coach’s choice and one contestant choice.  The scores will be tallied after each round and the winners will be selected by total points overall.  

The top male and top female each win $500 cash.  While that would be a phenomenal prize by itself, the top male and female singers from this event will also be placed directly into the KWCUSA 2017 National Finals in Las Vegas, with an opportunity to move on to the Karaoke World Championship World Finals in Helsinki Finland to be a representative of the US as our 2017 national champion.