Sat, Jan 20 at 8pm

  • 21+
This event has passed.

The Seattle Castaways

Seattle's Loudest Ukulele Band

Sure, we love the sounds of the islands, that Tin Pan Alley swing, and Iz, well, that track is a modern classic.

But it’s not our music. We play the stuff we love to sing when we’re driving through places where there’s nothing but religion, country, and classic rock on the airwaves, Stadium rock by guys with long hair. Glittery overproduced pop. MTV new wave eyeliner live chickens on stage flash pots turn it up to 11 rock and roll. The soundtrack for the first time we [it was only a misdemeanor] or [that was totally unprovable] or [you kids think you invented sex].

Uke players hear it all the time. “You can’t do that on the ukulele.” We beg to differ.