Sat, May 19 at 8pm

  • 21+
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Jerrod Matthews
Jerrod Matthews is a 23 year old singer song writer from Madison Wisconsin. His influences range from blues, to classic rock to hip hop making up his Americana sound

Swingset is a a playground soul trio reaching back to the past for it's joys and sorrows, and flying forward to see what kind of future we can imagine, getting a little higher each time

The Deacon Raleigh St. James Band
 is a melting pot of musical cultures, brought to a simmer by the greater Seattle music scene. Deacon Raleigh is a homegrown singer-songwriter, who calls the bucolic Snoqualmie Valley home along with NY transplant Daniella Radovich. Raised in the church, now "in recovery from a religious upbringing," the Deacon started writing and taking guitar seriously when his daughters wanted to be sung to sleep.  A father of four and educational revolutionary, he founded an alternative school in Issaquah where he continues to shape the future, today.  Daniella started singing and drumming early as the daughter of two musicians.  She fell in love with the footlights at Carnegie Hall before moving out west to raise a family.  Dani is also studying music as therapy.  Deacon and Dani's friendship formed via underground jams at dives, and riverside festivals in the woods.  Alex and Braulio have been close since childhood.  Fresh from Puerto Rico, they bring a strong background in jazz and Caribbean sounds, along with a love of rock, pop, and punk.  Formed in late 2016 as a trio, the line-up settled finally with the arrival of Braulio on lead guitar in November of 2017. The band occasionally adds featured players on keys, brass, strings, wind, and/or the Uilleann pipes as need or opportunity arises.

Daniella Landolfi Radovich (percussion, vox)
Alexianne Shamir Maloy Vega (bass)
Braulio Antonio Rios (lead guitar, vox)
Deacon Raleigh St. James (vox, guitar)
Each song a story, a small universe unto itself; the plot twists, the river bends.

Passion, purpose, laughter