Friday, July 14 / 7pm doors - 8pm show

  • 21+
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“SHOCK OPERA: The Authorized Alice Cooper Story”

Written and directed by GuignolFest’s founder, Dylan Hillerman, the one-night only revival of “Shock Opera” will come to Columbia City Theater, on Friday, July 14, 2016, at 7pm. Tickets are $20 general admission and $30 VIP. “Shock Opera: The Authorized Alice Cooper Story”, riddled with themes of: friendship, drug-abuse, shock value, celebrity status, gender-bending, every deadly sin, and love— is guaranteed to be a sold out event. A portion of tickets sales go to youth causes: Solid Rock (Alice Cooper Foundation, Phoenix, AZ) and AMP (Artist Mentorship Program, Portland, OR). The multi-media play is the first in the world to feature the history of the Alice Cooper band. Alice Cooper himself has encouraged the troupe to “Keep doing what you’re doing. I want to hear more!”

Dennis and Vincent, two high school track-stars obsessed with girls, surrealist art, rock & roll and horror movies, form a band eventually known as the pioneering and darkly-theatrical Alice Cooper. But when ultimately drug-addled Vincent/Alice begins to talk with a future reflection of himself in a hotel mirror, the play takes you on a roller coaster story about the group that invented the rock show. We attempt to top their early shows with a bit of innovative theatrical spectacle never before seen until 2016, as an homage to their legendary influence on popular culture. They arguably invented Glam (wearing shiny dresses before Bowie, etc.), Punk (rocking Detroit before The Ramones, etc.), and Goth (singing about bad juju before Siouxsie and the Banshees, etc.).

Much like the Grand Guignol theatre's movement of thrill, shock, and horror, our play centres on the original Alice Cooper band and its members who brought horror show theatrics to rock music in the late 1960's and early 70's, starting a movement of their own.

Delighting in Grand Guignol spectacle, burlesque, multi-media, and musical-theatrical form, Dylan Hillerman’s Wild (stage) Party, ”Shock Opera”, works fast and loose with innovation and convention, including 25 minutes of shockingly funny video scenes.

“Shock Opera” is strange, eccentric, and philosophical— a dark comedy and an unrepentant tribute to rock music— it will uplift you or leave you in tears.

Dylan Hillerman has written numerous plays including the stage version of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” “Silicone Death Cult (A Modern Guignol),” “Headless Body In Topless Bar,” and “Shock Opera: The Unauthorized Alice Cooper Story.” “Shock Opera” is loosely based on many sources, including “Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!” by Dennis Dunaway, “Golf Monster” by Alice Cooper, the documentary “Supermench” about the band’s manager Shep Gordon, and a plethora of other publications and broadcasts.


Playwright, Director: Dylan Hillerman
Producer: Julia Reodica

Cast: Layne Fawkes (Alice Cooper); Jeannette Trexler(Dennis Dunaway; Miss Christine; Janis Joplin); Una Solitaire(Glen Buxton; Miss Pamela; Black Widow Dancer); Kate Wyatt (Neal Smith; Frank Zappa); West Ramsey(Shep Gordon; Ether “Mick” Furnier); Bettie Velo (Ms. Sloane; Sheryl Cooper; Dancer); Angus Vieira  (Groucho Marx; Mr. Heckler); Dylan Hillerman (Mirror-Alice; Dali; Bob Ezrin; Joe Greenburg); Julia Reodica (Nurse Rozetta); Jacci (Alice Cooper, 2011); Carrie Bounds (Ms. Heckler)

Dance Performers: Rocket; Wanda Bones; Una Solitaire; Bettie Velo


INSTAGRAM: shock_opera_the_play